Energy Management System Kit

Product Description

Arnowa’s Smart ultra-compact multichannel meter seamlessly integrates into space-constrained environments without interrupting operations. Its small size allows for installation at the closest point, and the optional solid core or split-core current sensors with RJ12 ports provide flexibility for various installation scenarios.

Arnowa’s multi-protocol edge device packs a punch for smart IoT applications. This intelligent and versatile LoRaWAN gateway boasts 10 programmable demodulation paths for efficient data handling. Its compact, rugged design and flexible connectivity options (Ethernet, Cellular, Wi-Fi) make it ideal for diverse environments. Plus, it offers impressive long-range communication.

Power Manager empowers you to take control of your energy usage. This compact, wireless device monitors electricity consumption at the circuit level, offering valuable insights for both residential and commercial applications. Compatible with various electrical panel configurations, Power Manager seamlessly integrates with the Carbon cloud platform for convenient data analysis and informed energy management decisions.