Hinged Core Current Transformer

ARNOWA hinged split core CTs are compact and low-cost current transformers with high accuracy. Designed with a single-click installation mechanism, the hinged CTs are ideal for quick and easy installation without disconnecting cables. The compact size is perfect for limited-space panels.


Product Description


  • Low cost
  • 4 standard sizes
  • Split core design, safer, easier installation, and portable



Technical Data Sheet
Model T10 T10 T10 T10
Rated Input 5/20/30/40/50/80A AC 5/20/30/40/50/80A AC 5/20/30/40/50/80A AC 5/20/30/40/50/80A AC
Rated Output 333mV/0-50mA 333mV/0-50mA 333mV/0-50mA 333mV/0-50mA
Accuracy 0.5%
Frequency Range 50-1KHz
Window Size 0.4 Inch
Case Material Black Nylon
Rated Voltage 600 Vac, Category III
Note: Do not use 600V class CT in application with voltage greater than 600V L-L
Operating Temperature -15°C – 60°C
Certifications CE approved, RoHS compliant