Wireless Ultrasonic Distance Sensor / Bin level Sensor

The wireless ultrasonic distance sensor detects distance from it to the object using ultrasound and also has the ability to measure tilt angle and temperature as well.

Product Description

Input Power Battery 3.6V, 220V & Solar
Raging Sensor- Angle of Detection ≤20 (Non-metal: glass, plastic etc.)
Raging Sensor- Distance of Detection 0.20   ̴ 3.6 m
Raging Sensor- Accuracy S± 0.12m (The test object is cardboard)
Raging Sensor- Blind Zone 0  ̴ 0.20m
Temperature Sensor-Detecting Range -40°C to 125°C  ± 3°C
Temperature Sensor- Resistance @ 25 °C 100k (typical value)
Environment Temperature Range -20°C  ̴ 55°C
Environment Humidity  <90% RH (No condensation)
Storage Environment -40°C  ̴ 85°C